Virtual Sports Day - Friday 19th June 2020

Normally at this time of the year we would be having our Sports Day, which is always one of the most fun days in the school year for all of us!!! Unfortunately this year with our school closed we can't do our Sports Day. Instead, we would love if you took part in our  Virtual Sports Day ! Taking part is easy!!: We have picked different activities and challenges that you should be able to do with  very little  equipment that can all be found around your house! You can record yourself doing as many of the activities as you like and send a video of your best attempt to us on Seesaw! You will receive a ' Virtual Sports Day' Booklet  on the day you are collecting your copies, books, artwork etc.. with the details of the activities and explanations. If you click on each of the pictures below, you can see what is in the booklet - Rules, explanations and activity list.  Keep reading to find out more information below! What to do: Before the 19th of

18th May 2020

Hi 6th class!! We hope you had a nice weekend and everyone is staying safe, huge thank you to everyone that contributed work for inclusion in the newsletter. A huge number of you were entered into the draw on Friday so well done and keep up the great work. On Wednesday of this week there will be a pack of work that will be ready for collection. The pack will include activities until mid-June, as per usual there will be a timetable and a suggested scheme of work which might make it easier to work from home. There is no pressure to do any of it and we hope nobody is feeling anxious about schoolwork. If you do attempt it we'd love to see some photos on SeeSaw!! The volume of work being posted is very impressive and many of you are working away diligently so below we have only included work for Monday and Tuesday, once you get a pack on Wednesday there should be plenty to do. As we will be in the building this week to organise packs we would love to include a novel from the librar

11th - 15th May 2020

Hi Everyone, We miss you all a great deal and the realisation that the school won't reopen until September is disappointing. With that in mind we will be preparing and organising a variety of things over the next two months so it certainly won't be the last you'll hear from us. 👍 In addition to last week's post we have an English newsletter we wish you to contribute to, further details below.  As we mentioned last week the Geography and Maths work has already been posted but,  in any case,  we've included below. As ever  it is only a suggestion and does not need to be completed if it's causing any hassle.  There is a timetable included however you are free to complete the work and post it whenever suits your schedule.  Monday May 11th Tuesday May 12th Wednesday May 13th Thursday May 14th Friday May 15th Maths problems Page 32 or Mental Maths or Sumdog Maths problems Page 32 or

7th and 8th May 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all been able to stay active and healthy over the long weekend, the sunshine certainly helps. There is a small piece of work set out however it is only a suggestion and does not need to be completed if it's causing any hassle. It will be the basis of this week's work as well as next week.  Enjoy the weather and if you get up to something interesting please take a photo and share it with us. All Students MATHS: This week we will continue to revise Multiplication, Don’t forget to estimate and to include your magic zeros. I just want you to do 1 page please as there are only two days of school this week.  This is a page of multiplication involving problems. In Section C make sure to do the part in the bracket first!!   All Students Geography .  Unit 13 of Small World Geo & Sci. THE MOON. (Because there is so much information in this topic, this can be used as Ms Hayes’ group’s reading book.  So you will not be readi

6th class work 27th April – 1st May 2020

6 th class work 27 th April – 1 st May 2020 N.B. Due to issues with CJFallon we have included a link to the Folens website, it’s free to access and has been more reliable. There will be screenshots of the work on SeeSaw as well. All students ·          Reading each day ~ 20 minutes ·          Mental Maths 6 – complete and correct a unit ·          Spellbound 6 – complete a unit ·          Planet Maths 6 th – pages 30 & 31 (All questions except A on pg. 30) ·          Geography – Unlocking SESE 6 th Class ebook Chapter 16 (All questions pages 108, 109, 110, 111) Ms. Hayes English Group Copy the following link onto Google search: This should bring you directly to the book “ Exploring the Deep. ” ·          In case you need to log in go to ‘my class login’ at the top of the page. ·          For ‘my class name’ type in 6thscoilcholmcille